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Ugh...Since this is the third NFBSKing shutdown in just 2018 alone, is there a way the federal employees can just ignore it or work around it? Clearly these things are going to become a regular thing with the Trump administration, so the workers are going to have to figure a way around this because thereís work that needs to be done, and you canít let a president who is basically the Cheeto-skinned embodiment of all the seven deadly sins, cause needless suffering and upheaval every time he throws a tantrum over it.

Of course, at the rate things are going, I more than understand if they just decide to go with the torches and pitchforks approach. If you constantly spread misery and suffering, make impossible for the ordinary folk to live their lives in peace, donít be too shocked if the ordinary people might decide to pursue extreme measures.

Before anyone brings up te Obama shutdown, some facts to point out: 1) he only had one shutdown during his eight year presidency, whereas Trump has had three in this year alone, and 2) Obama was dealing with a bitterly divided government, whereas Trumpís Party currently controls all three branches.

Until Trump, there had never been a government shutdown under a one-party government. There have been 9 total government shutdowns and Trump is currently responsible for a third of them.

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