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One myth, though not listed on that list, often associated with WW1, is in regards to pilots and parachutes.

The myth is:

World War One pilots refused to wear parachutes due to some kind of bravado. IE the action would be seen as cowardly.

While the above is partly true, at least in the case of some pilots, overall it's false. The truth of the matter is that the majority of the aircraft used during that period, really didn't have enough room for the pilots to fit into the cockpits, and wear a bulky (by today's standards) parachute. It wasn't until later in the war, as the designs began to evolve some and more open cockpits were implemented, that pilots were actually able to wear the parachutes. It's at that point where the original myth originates, since by the time parachutes were possible, many of the pilots would not wear them. Once again, though, it's not because of bravado; but rather simply because they either A.) Didn't trust the parachutes, or B.) Had never needed one before, so why need it now?
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