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Hey, at least no one is blaming America for starting this one.

Of course from the British point of view, the German army was less alarming than the fact that Germany had been building up a modern navy which was beginning to be capable of challenging British naval supremacy. So yes, allowing Germany to gain naval bases further west would be a serious threat.

I recall reading that one of the big problems with WWI was control of the battlefield. In the old Napoleonic model, you have the picture of the general up on a hill on a horse watching the fight and sending in orders by runners, bugles, or drums. World War I was far too broad and complex for that, but communications by telephone, radio, and telegraph weren't really up to the task yet, either.

Anyway you look at it, it was a massively stupid war that didn't need to be fought, and while there may have been a lot of innovation, there were also a lot of lives wasted in futile action before the tactics caught up. I suppose this always happens, but the scale in WWI was unprecedented.
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