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The article you link does specify the Colorado River Medical Center in Needles, Ca ( Googling the infant's name brought up several references to baby Matthew Gage Downing-Powers, including a Go Fund Me page from 2013 ( The story of his death seems to be the same in several articles that came up from 2013, all from anti-vaxer groups. I can't find the mother's original quote.

That doesn't mean it happened, or that it happened the way it was told. The baby supposedly had 8 shots at 5.5 months old. That is more than the CDC recommends at once (, but they may have been behind schedule trying to catch up. 5.5 months is a little older than average for SIDS, but well within the time frame.

This Facebook page has comments from someone claiming to be Crystal Downing. I've been unable to link to her page, maybe you'll have better luck:
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