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Originally Posted by wanderwoman View Post
No, Avril, I do not "want people to have to wait in a doctor's office for the sniffles." I assure you that, because you seem to be against putting pseudoephedrine on prescription, I am not going to accuse you of wanting the myriad of problems cause by meth, either. The problem is a lot more complex than that.
How to you propose a prescription program to work? I don't understand how it would work without added time, cost, and hassle. And you didn't say the prescription would solve the problems with meth; you said it would help people feel like they weren't being treated as criminals.

I would prefer the way pseudephedrine is handled being sort of police-state-like, at least where I buy it. I think the limits are low enough that I have to buy it routinely whether or not I need it, which is annoying, because if I do get sick I'll run out too fast, and I think that the limitations on who gets to buy it (based on the ID issue) are somewhat problematic. But that system is still much better than prescription laws.

But I do mind being treated like a criminal, in a host of other ways, which is why I avoid flying as much as possible, for example. I guess the Sudafed system and the "war on drugs" feels a lot less degrading than many of the other things going on in America's "war on terror."
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