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Unfortunately, in some places, the id requirement alone cuts off access a lot of times. We don't have a pharmacist open on Sundays or after five, so if I get sick Saturday evening, too bad for me.

ETA: I don't know if I made that clear, but because of the ID requirement, a lot of places that are open later and/or Sundays don't carry it anymore. Also, I would mind the ID part a lot less if it seemed like training for salesfolk included "Don't treat the customer like she's probably a drug addict." /ETA

Anecdotally, I once knew a dude who wanted to try making meth, and he said that he had the recipe, and he didn't need any cold meds, just a lot of matches and some cleaner or something else industrial like that, I forgot what, but nothing you needed ID for. (As far as I know, he never did make any; the people who were present all refused to be a part of any attempts.) He talked about having to scrape the ends off all the matches for it.
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