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After Googling and searching and head scratching and talking with other folks in the IT department where I work... we're all kinda stumped. I found some apps that supposedly fix the problem, but I'm wary of downloading apps that I know very little about. So, unwilling to try uncertain apps or formatting the drive, I was sorta stuck.

Then I plugged in the flash drive to a USB port on another part of the computer and... it worked.

So... the USB ports on the front of the computer read the flash drive as a local hard drive. The ports on TOP of the computer read it properly as a removable USB drive.

What's the difference?

The front ports are USB 3, the top ports are USB 2.

There must be some compatibility issue with my flash drive when put into a USB 3 port. Although I don't know how to fix that, I do have ports that work with the drive, so I'm happy now.
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