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Also, the first definition of NSFW on Urban Dictionary was posted in 2003, not 2005 - even though it was Word of the Day in 2005.

Still, if true (and what's truth without cites?) then that's still later than 1998... Surely there must be Usenet references for NSFW from earlier than 2003? The person who posted that definition was going by existing usage, after all.

And also, if you follow the link to NFBSK in Urban Dictionary, even though it references the incident from 1998, the definition itself wasn't posted until 2004 - so if we're using Urban Dictionary to decide (without checking the cites), NSFW wins.

Personally, I only started posting here late in 1999 and so missed the origins, but I can verify that NFBSK was an established term by then. Just like Svenska Limpa and "see you at the pool!"...

(eta) Sorry, I didn't notice that Urban Dictionary sometimes lists the definitions with the latest first. In fact, Dark Dan posted the first definition of NFBSK there on October 10, 2003. Which is still behind the first definition of NSFW (September 12, 2003), but not by so much.

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