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Originally Posted by Sue View Post
Pierce Brosnan will always be Remington Steele to me.
True. And Roger Moore similarly was The Saint before he became James Bond. Both are roles I'd agree would be mentioned alongside James Bond, but I'm not sure they'd overshadow it in the eyes of the general public.

Originally Posted by Cervus View Post
Sean Connery?
He certainly has a lot of roles to his name, but I'm hard pressed to think of one that's more iconic - though if he hadn't turned down Gandalf this might well be a very different debate.

ETA: Dalton comes to mind for me too - add in The Rocketeer to the case for him playing a really quality villain. Daniel Craig is at least technically still in the role, and it's the highest profile work he's done to date. And I think George Lazenby for better or worse will forever be the man who only played Bond once.

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