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I don't so much mind text signatures, but I hate extravagant sig lines with scrolling words, images, and a huge laundry list of the poster's whatever they're bragging about. This is (or was) a huge thing on a lot of automotive forums for a long time - posters would have these huge long sig lines with rotating images of their cars, modifications, the cars they used to own, and usually some kind of quote from a Fast & the Spurious movie. Sometimes the sig would be longer than the post.

On one of the few car forums I still go to, signatures are text-only, but they still seem to have a lot of lists of the member's rides. Mine's a simple note telling of my sponsorship deal with Loostner Brothers' Soap Company.

Originally Posted by WildaBeast View Post
I remember back when I first joined this board people would sign their posts with an amusing quote between their first and last names.

Wilda "Like this" Beast
ISTR that was started by the authors of the articles on the main page. I actually liked that - I usually got a laugh out of them. Never really did it, I'm not clever enough.

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