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Originally Posted by Horse Chestnut View Post
Richard W, those pictres are wonderful. I was wondering, are foxes in the UK becoming more of an urban/suburban critter?
Thanks! I've posted some of those fox photos here before. Yes, definitely, foxes are very urban / suburban - although this is a leafy area and as well as a couple of patches of waste ground and the trees on a railway embankment, I live quite close to fields and woodland too. My parents are further from any open countryside but their area has a lot of big gardens and one or two more open patches nearby as well.

The fox in my first photo was sitting right by the pavement on a fairly busy road, waiting for a gap in the traffic to cross. (It made it).

I think he or she was a little bothered by passers-by, but young foxes seem to be pretty tame at that time of year. In that photo of the fox in my parents' garden, half my extended family were standing around looking at her from the other side of a small pond...

She's not quite as relaxed as she looks in my first photo, I think, but she put up with it. Later she stole one of the children's balls.

Here's the rat photo I mentioned - I seem to have only had copies on my work computer:

There were actually two rats in the bin but I'm pretty sure you can only see one of them in that picture - if anybody can spot the other, they get a prize.

When we were in our old office, I used to walk to work through the woods, and as well as foxes I used to see deer (fallow and muntjac) and badgers, as well as lots of red kites and other birds, and some impressive pike in the river cut. (Those were stocked, I think, rather than wild). I took some photos of a muntjac once but now I can't find them. I did find this one of a squirrel which is OK:

And a red-legged partridge in the field behind the old office:

I'm not a good enough photographer to get the red kites properly, but they're pretty spectacular - if Jay Tea were still posting I'm sure he'd post some fantastic examples.

(eta) I've made the spider's web video public on Facebook here:

Spider web

And talking of kites, when I went to Mongolia in 2007, one thing that I found incredible was watching dozens of kites wheeling about the sky above the steppes on the edge of the Gobi desert. I took a video of those, thinking that it really illustrated that I was not in England and that you'd never see something like that in the UK - I still thought red kites were very rare and lived only in a few remote parts of Wales. I didn't know about the Chiltern re-introduction programme. Now I can literally see the same thing from outside my flat at times. When they come together for their mating rituals in the spring, I've counted 24 at once I think, just to the north of here. I saw about 13 of them getting some early practice in over my road last month. If you go outside and look up, it's almost more unusual not to see kites than to see them, here. And when they're en masse they're amazing.

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