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Originally Posted by Horse Chestnut View Post
Richard W, those pictres are wonderful. I was wondering, are foxes in the UK becoming more of an urban/suburban critter? I don't think you would see foxes hanging out so close to houses here in the US. (Coyotes, on the other hand, just seem to move in anywhere these days.)
We have foxes in our neighborhood. Unfortunately I never see them when I have my camera handy... But I watched one jump over a neighbor's fence into their backyard one time. Another neighbor came home late at night & scared off 2 foxes that had a stray cat cornered in her driveway. (a couple of weeks later, that stray cat became mine!) And, not my neighborhood, but just about a week ago I saw a fox run across the street from a school & run between a couple of houses. They're all over in our city.
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