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Originally Posted by quink View Post
It was eye-opening for me when I visited Las Vegas for the first time. I'm used to walking everywhere, in all conditions. Obviously I'm used to cold weather (Just walked home carrying 47 pounds of groceries in the snow last weekend), but we also get some brutally hot days in the summer. My friend and I wanted to travel from hotel to hotel in Vegas, so we just started walking down the strip. I made it one block before I absolutely had to duck back into a building with A/C and grab a bottle of water.
Being somewhat less cold adapted, I went to Las Vegas in August and found it pleasant to walk along the strip. It was around 100F or more at times, but it was dry and didn't feel too oppressive once you get over the initial shock. Actually one time I went and rented a car and it was almost worse because it could easily get like an oven inside and it takes a while for the AC to fix.

I'm sure there are days when you can't go out much because of the temperature, but maybe not entirely different from days in Canada where you don't want to go out because of the cold (or precipitation, which Las Vegas doesn't have much of).

The big problem with Las Vegas IMO is that it's so spread out. It's a classic example of a city that rapidly expanded in the age of the car with plenty of cheap land to expand into in all directions. As a tourist you can walk in certain areas downtown, although the enormous casinos make some of the blocks absurdly large and spaced out. But for a typical resident it's not really very walkable at all.

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