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Originally Posted by Dr. Winston O'Boogie View Post
Ya know, the Christians have been trying to convert the Jews for centuries. I would think the pCms would LOVE for Israel to be wiped off the map.
This now makes perfect sense to me and helps me understand why so many republicans are pCm and pro-war... "when there's peace in the Middle East, the Anti-Christ has been elected, and we have one-world religion to rule us all; Jesus will return and take us all to Heaven. Armegeddon will happen and that can't be".

Or some such nonsense I was once told. Basically, the Jews were wrong, war has got to continue in the Middle East, peace can never happen; because when it does the Anti-Christ will rule and all hell will break loose. Which is why Israel can never be "wiped off" the map. It has to stay in permanent turmoil or "hell will reign on earth".

And yes, I am serious. I know several people who believe this.
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