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Originally Posted by Richard W View Post
Yes, you want to say to Trump, "Everybody already knows that the USA is much stronger than North Korea, including the North Koreans! Apparently the only person you're trying to prove this to is yourself!"
Of course, if this conflict ever goes beyond dick-stroking and tweeting, Trump will act like this fight is the equivalent of D-Day, because we all know D-Day was a massive offensive strike against a deeply impoverished nation of 25 million people that haven't directly attacked us and have existed more or less in a constant state of famine since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

If anyone wants to have an idea as to what life is like in North Korea for the Average Joe Blow Citizen, the book, Nothing to Envy, is an invaluable resource. It can also help out anyone writing dystopian or post-apocalyptic lit, because North Korea is pretty much living it.

Originally Posted by Don Enrico View Post
Also, if you have nuclear weapons and are the kind of guy to actually threaten to use them, I might think twice about banning you from anything, so not to provoke you threatening me...
I keep hoping there's some way we can get Trump banned from Twitter. He clearly can't handle it and if Armageddon comes, I'd rather it not come from some 140 he typed out while on the john. You wouldn't deliver the Emancipation Proclamation or the Gettysburg Address on Twitter, so don't announce nuclear war.

Originally Posted by ganzfeld View Post
Those 'leaders' don't think of Asians living in Asia as people. Like most Americans, they can't name any of these countries on a map. Except US troops - the only number of people in Asia - actually the only people in Asia - the US media regularly talks about.
I'd be impressed if Trump could find Asia on a map, at least, the part that isn't Russia.

Dwight Eisenhower was the last Republican president who didn't leave his country in worse shape than it was when he took office. Best case scenario: Donald Trump will be the last Republican president, not just the last US president.
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