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Originally Posted by Mochrie99 View Post
Good. Simply good. I've seen way too many disgusting comments in similar articles about how men are "lucky" or should "enjoy it" (comments made from other men, I may add). I'm very happy to see that this is being treated seriously, as it bloody well should be.
And implicaitons that the victim isn't a "real man" or is gay (perish the thought) if he DIDN'T just "roll with it" and enjoy it. Or didn't just stop the rapist if he didn't want it.

The pain of a rape often doesn't end after the physical act is over. For victims of any gender, the victim-blaming shame that comes after creates recurring psychological pain. For some reason, people can have a real hard time drumming up sympathy for rape victims. I think it's a defense mechanism- find some way to point out how the victim is different from you, and that's why it'll never happen to you.
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