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Originally Posted by Aud 1 View Post
I emailed the guy and he said that since he didn't find it here it must be true. He said " is the best site for finding out the truth" so I think he had the right place. He just lack clues.
Remind him that almost 800,000 children are reported missing each year, but very few of them end up on snopes.
Originally Posted by Aud 1 View Post
The girl has only been missing for 3 days. Would she show up in a national database that fast?
NCMEC is pretty good about keeping their database current: I remember Reigh Boss' info was up there within hours her going missing. The circumstances must meet their criteria, though. The same goes for a local missing person alert: it must meet established criteria. Wouldn't hurt to check the website of the local PD, though: sometimes they will post a Be On the Lookout even if the circumstances don't warrant an official Amber Alert.

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