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Originally Posted by Themis View Post
This lunatic is the reason why I left the Green Party when they chose her as their nominee. She's never BEEN a member of the Green Party, and she's just using them for notoriety. She also introduced a measure on the floor of the House to force the U.S. government to reopen the investigation into the shooting of Tupac Shakur.

I always knew that the Green Party was not going to make a lot of splash on the national level, but their 10 Core Values represent my personal beliefs completely, and I was content voting for them knowing that at most they'd win some small local elections. But after this hijacking of the Party by the lunatic fringe, I'm no longer a member.
Interesting thread. I know nothing of McKinney, but Themis' problem with third parties' attempts to get attention with often unwise choices of nominees for major offices certainly rings a bell for me. I totally agree with you about picking the party that represents my beliefs, and for me, that's the LP, in almost every detail. I'm mostly happy with them, and have voted faithfully for their candidates since 1980, although I have my differences. But, one year, the New York LP had Howard Stern for their candidate for governor. He ended up dropping out. The guy is such a huge a-hole; did they really think he was going to be their free speech candidate, and not figure that he would flake out?

Also, back in 88, when Ron Paul became the LP candidate for prez, I had voted for Russell Means, and he ended up as the VP candidate. At this point, despite any sympathy I still have, Means seems a bit of a whacko, so I'm glad the LP wasn't able to get him to run for gov in NM a few years ago. Sometimes the major parties get embarrassed, like that KKK guy, Duke, in Louisiana, that got nominated for the the Demopublicans or the Republicrats - and it couldn't happen to a nicer party - but we, in smaller parties, are more vulnerable to getting strange candidates. Well, the GOP has Palin this year!

This year in the LP, we have former GOP Congressman Bob Barr as our presidential candidate. I was not a supporter, and was caught by surprise. If he can draw votes away from McCain, great (I won't vote for Obama, because he doesn't represent my beliefs - other than his claim of being against the war - but given that my party won't win, I hope Obama wins, and that Barr helps defeat McCain), but I worry that the LP is being hijacked by conservatives, just as you, Themis, feel the Greens were hijacked by the loony fringe. I haven't dropped out yet, and have no intention or reutrning to the Dems or any other party, but I may one day fail to identify as an upper case L libertarian.

If Barr is truly repentant of his drug-warrior past, and other unlibertarian beliefs and actions, I guess he's okay - I might vote for him - but if he's just using the LP, to hell with him and his supporters. If the party wanted an outsider to get attention, I'd have picked Democrat Mike Gravel. International Society for Individual Liberty leader Dr Mary Ruwart was my choice, but every party - major ones included, has to make these choices and compromises - activists vs intellectuals vs big names/ known pols who might get elected.

The Greens keep picking Nader - or has he been an indy sometimes? That seems a dead end to me, but I can see that he gets name recognition and draws votes from those who are not satisfied with the Dems. That is an advantage that third parties have - at least the Greeens and the LP - that the major parties worry about them "spoiling" their races, so perhaps have to make concessions to keep voters from jumping ship. Well, in theory. Never seems to happen, they just blame us when they lose, when they have no one but themselves to blame when the voters can't get excited about their platforms or candidates!

Weird as they may be, it does actually say something good about our freedoms - despite the power that the major parties have - when people like McKinney get elected to Congress. She's hardly the first whacko (maybe she's no loony at all, but like many politicans, and like Jackson and Sharpton, is simply pandering to her constituency). Seems to happen with the Dems more than the GOP, but the GOP has Ron Paul, who is really a libertarian, although imperfect, and no whacko, but a leader, now, of a movement that's making quite a stir, if not getting a candidate elected to the White House this time around.

All one has to do is get elected in one's own district, and to hell with the party leaders of the two-headed beast. Of course, they come after you in every primary, and, once elcted, it's hard to get much done, or get apponted to any important committees, but such will be the case for the first third party candidates (or, I should say, for the first ones elected in a long time, by the time it happens). Or not; indies - once elected, or having defected from their former parties - sometimes seems to get some attention from both major parties, but they wouldn't want to have to deal with more than one or two.

Of course, they go all out to prevent our candidates from being elected - or even getting on the ballot - when there is any chance they may get a significant percentage of the vote in any race. Scares the hell out of them. But, then, they have their own thorns in the side, from right in their own parties. Ha! Serves them right, except, of course, for taking up time asking for investigations into Tupac's case, etc. Well, the more time they waste, the less time they have to make more laws and government, and raise taxes. It also leaves less time to pass laws against polluting, or to fight against undeclared wars, but they aren't doing that anyway! They're too busy rubber-stamping Dubya's war, and voting to bail out their rich cronies on Wall Street.

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