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Originally Posted by BamaRainbow View Post
Are you sure it's not because she's Black? (Just being a bit snarky there.)
I'm sorry, are you accusing me of racism?

Originally Posted by BamaRainbow View Post
You actually can type (presumably with a straight face) that you're willing to leave a Party because of its being "hijacked" yet there are many disaffected Democrats who feel EXACTLY the same way at the way Obama became the Party's nominee.
Could you explain to me how this bit is relevant to me?

Originally Posted by BamaRainbow View Post
Cynthia McKinney is certainly no worse than Obama.
Yes. Yes, she is, if you define "worse" as "having a track record of being a complete lunatic." A physical altercation with the capitol police, wanting to use the resources of the federal government to investigate the murder of a pop celebrity who ran in dangerous circles, claiming that thousands of prisoners were murdered and dumped into swamps, claiming that she was unseated because of a Republican plot - the woman is a conspiracy theorist of the highest order.
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