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Originally Posted by Themis View Post
This lunatic is the reason why I left the Green Party when they chose her as their nominee. She's never BEEN a member of the Green Party, and she's just using them for notoriety. She also introduced a measure on the floor of the House to force the U.S. government to reopen the investigation into the shooting of Tupac Shakur.

I always knew that the Green Party was not going to make a lot of splash on the national level, but their 10 Core Values represent my personal beliefs completely, and I was content voting for them knowing that at most they'd win some small local elections. But after this hijacking of the Party by the lunatic fringe, I'm no longer a member.
Are you sure it's not because she's Black? (Just being a bit snarky there.)
You actually can type (presumably with a straight face) that you're willing to leave a Party because of its being "hijacked" yet there are many disaffected Democrats who feel EXACTLY the same way at the way Obama became the Party's nominee. Obama simply doesn't have the experience; the man faced LESS vetting by the very same media that pushed Bush's war in Iraq over the past year than Sarah Palin has received--as a mere VP nominee--in the last month, but any questioning of Obama's record is met with accusations of racism.
For the first time since I've been eligible to vote for a Presidential candidate, I'm not supporting the Democratic nominee. (If he could have put his overblown ego aside and been willing to go after the Party's VP nomination, I wouldn't have a problem. Let him be VP for 8 years, then run for President--he'd be better qualified.) Obama SUPPORTED Bush's FISA compromise and he hides behind "religion" to explain HIS opposition to same-sex marriage (sure, "civil union" is fine--separate, but equal) and he's even in favor of EXPANDING Bush's faith-based initiatives program.
I fully intend to support the Green Party candidate this year. Cynthia McKinney is certainly no worse than Obama. At least with McKinney, you ALWAYS know where she stands. Obama, to me, has shown that his plan for change means he'll "change" his views to accommodate the audience to which he's speaking. Remember, this is the candidate who mocked Hillary's foreign policy experience and claimed that his own foreign policy experience was superior. Then he goes and gets one of Washington's top foreign policy wonks--a man who's been in the Senate even longer than McCain.
And, just to show how "politics makes strange bedfellows", an attack against McKinney comes from Fox News, and it's given legitimacy. How much should I bet that a Fox News report on Obama would be met by various Snopesters with more than a touch of skepticism?
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