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Originally Posted by ray2047 View Post
They claimed a tire could not be fixed if you had used Fixiflat. BS of course to sell me a tire. My regular tire shop had no qualms about fixing it.
Not complete BS. The fumes are (were? I don't know if they changed the formula) flammable. Plus it's harder to clean the inside to patch it. The gunk doesn't just scrape off and it's too soft to sand off. You can't apply the patch to it so you have no choice but to clean it.

Because of the way they are prepped for the patch, there's an extremely high chance of sparks. After my first FaF tire flaring up in my face (have to practically be inside the tire to see what you are doing), I was one of the mechanics that refused to patch tires that had used it. Some of the others in the shop didn't care but burning my arm once was plenty enough for me.

After a while our shop flat out refused to repair them after another guy did get hurt really bad from a flareup.

Plugs don't spark so I can see no problem with doing them but our shop only did internal patches (which at the time were much, much safer than plugs and I'm still hesitant to use them).

FaF also makes it harder to balance the tire.

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