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I run on $15 used tires heaven knows how many times they have been patched or plugged and get more as I use them. I have never had my tire shop say no to any patch though they do point out side wall patches are iffy at best. Once had a flat on the wrong side of town where the rich people live and used Fixiflat to get to a service station. They claimed a tire could not be fixed if you had used Fixiflat. BS of course to sell me a tire. My regular tire shop had no qualms about fixing it.

As to driving on a flat tire that can actually be the safest thing to do if you are in heavy traffic. Sure you will probably ruin the tire if you go any distance but isn't your life worth more then a tire. I have actually seen people changing tires in heavy traffic when there was a parking lot less then a hundred feet away. Stupid.

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