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I believe that robbiev has run-flat tires on his car. For run-flats, I've heard it both ways, that if the tire simply deflates you can get it repaired, but driving on the run-flat tire once its flat will wreck it and you have to get a new one.

On the other hand, run-flats have stiffened sidewalls, so this might be the same thing.
There is also a lot of luck involved. I've wrecked a good quality tire in the 100 m it took me to realise that it had sprung a serious leak and get the car to stop, but I know people who have driven 3 km on flat tires (and it was not run-flats) to a repair shop and it was still fixable, although the rim was destroyed.

In my case, the layers of the side of the tire had separated from each other as the tire collapsed, probably because they where pinched between the rim and the asphalt.
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