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Also, just to interject a thought I had when I first read the OP... I thought I remembered once reading that 2-fixes rule on the instructions of the fix-a-flat aerosol can. I may be delusional though and I don't have a can handy to check on it. Anybody out there have a can and some free time to read it?
I think i remember seeing somthing on one of the news channels about cars that were in really poor condition that had been sold over ebay and other online places. I remember that one of the problems they listed was that the tire had had fix-a-flat used on it too much and a lot of the treading was gone, thus making it unsafe. I think that that is where this comes from, that one can only patch it so much before the damage to the treads becomes such that it is unsafe to drive on them. Just my theory though.

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