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Comment: Re: "Where Your Taxes Go" and many other entries. Many entries
contain statistics posted in email and those in your investigation of
same. It "seems" to me that the "majority" of your investigations dispute
original statistics, all of which can be twisted with different wording.
All statistics can be "used" in a manner the author, or in your case, the
investigator, chooses to state them. In my "opinion" the investigator
"leans" heavily to the left or liberal view. While I use your site
several time a week, I am more likely to "totally" belive your results in
matters having "no political bias". In potential political references, I
"believe" you often offer an "opinion" and skew the "statistics", using
other "statictics" from other authors but do so each time in a manner that
consistantly "leans left". Just an "opinion" from reading on your site
and using, in this case, "only" above referenced "Where Your Taxes Go".
Neither opinion is proved nor disproved, merely just reading statistics
mentions and interpreting them as desired. No "hard' facts on either
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