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Apparently not. I had a tire that was flat for several days (over the weekend and no one could get the tire). Come Monday, I went and had it patched and never had any more problem out of it.
Were you driving on the flat? That's the operative difference between wrecking the tire and not wrecking the tire. My father's girlfriend has cut handsome grooves into her tires at least twice by driving on flats. Each time she ended up needing a new tire. The rims can grind and cut up the interior pretty badly.

Also, just to interject a thought I had when I first read the OP... I thought I remembered once reading that 2-fixes rule on the instructions of the fix-a-flat aerosol can. I may be delusional though and I don't have a can handy to check on it. Anybody out there have a can and some free time to read it?

I know for sure that the plugs say that you can't use them on sidewalls. I also know for sure that I have ignored this rule many times and so far without incident.
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