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Originally Posted by Troberg View Post
My tire shop happily patch them, and say that the patch fuse together with the rubber in the tire, making it a seamless fit and as good as the original tire.

A patch is slightly misleading, though, as it's not a typical "slap on patch". They drill the hole nice and round, then insert a rubber rod which fits snuggly and fuse with the tire (and no, that sentence is not code for something naughty).

If the tire is too bad to fix (or if you have done bad welding on the rim...), you can always use an inner tube.
That is a plug. They are done from the outside. The tire doesn't even have to be taken off the vehicle.

A patch goes on the inside of the tire. The inside is roughed up, a cement glue is put on, allowed to dry to tacky, a patch with an adhesive is put on, and the edges sealed with more cement (at least that's how it was done when I worked in a garage back in the early '90's).

The only time we couldn't repair tires is if the puncture was too big or too close to the sidewall. I've seen tires come in that already had half dozen patches and still put them on. Perfectly safe and legal, at least at the time. (again, early '90's)
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