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I recall reading about the phrase "****ing the dog" somewhere, though I'm not sure I've ever heard it said in real life. If I recall correctly, the source commented that in polite company, the term "screwing the pooch" or "making puppies" was used. But it definitely meant "do nothing."

After a quick search, I realize this may be a Canadian term and I may have read it in a guide to Canadian phrases:

**** the dog: A term used to indicate doing nothing (e.g. I ****ed the dog all weekend). May be referred to as Making Puppies or Screwing the Pooch in polite company. Also refers to slacking off at work or getting paid to do nothing. However, in Québec, to "**** the dog" (f***é le chien) means to screw things up, like in "I was with this girl but got too drunk and embarassed myself, I told you, I **** the dog!"
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