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Dog Bestiality or laziness?

Comment: i'm quite sure i didn't imagine this one but can find no
reference to it either on your site or the internet in general.

this would have been two or three decades ago and involves one of the
"advice sisters" ann or abby, i'm not sure which. i have a very clear
image of myself reading an item in a column wherin a woman wrote in to say
that her son told her about a male co-worker who was always having sex
with his dog. the son detailed when, where and how often this would occur
and the woman was understandably concerned for the canine's wellbeing.

the advice sister took the inquiry very seriously and addressed issues of
the legality of bestiality, the mental health of the dog owner and what
sort of intervention was appropriate.

it was weeks, perhaps months later that it occurred to me that the son was
almost certainly complaining that his co-worker was "always ****ing the
dog"... i.e. slacking off. that the misunderstanding was allowed to
propagate to the point of being printed as a story about bestiality in a
syndicated column struck me as pretty mind boggling. as i look back, it
seems likely that the "woman's" letter was likely a prank submission.

have you folks ever come across this one or did i see it on the Simpsons?
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