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Comment: My husband read me a passage of the book 'A Brief History of Everything'
by Ken Wilber 2 days ago which claimed that back in the early days of deep
sea diving, there was a phenomenon known as 'the squeeze'. The passage
said that it resulted from a catastrophic failure of the pressure
mechanism (or lack of) on the old diving suits, which caused the diver to
literally be sucked up into the hose and killed.

I don't have a problem with that, however the passage went on to say that
in some extreme cases, the suit would be brought to the surface and all
that was left of the unlucky diver was a couple of bones and a few shreds
of flesh. THAT is what I am having a hard time believing - it sounds to
me like something out of a cheezy horror movie. The passage ended with
the statement that some scientist stated he had actually witnessed this a
few times.

My husband is currently on a business trip with the book, otherwise I
would put the exact quote here. However, I was wondering if you had ever
heard of this story, and if it is true? My husband is convinced that its
for real, but I just can't believe that the extreme 'only bones left in
the suit' thing could ever really happen.
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