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And therein lies the difference. Malruhn, your privilege is so deepset, you can't see it to save your life. Nothing about the Katrina victims was average. Nothing. Therefore, you had a big ole head-start.
Beat me to the punch, these people, or at least a great many of them, are not average, they are way way below.

They are below average on education, on skills, on contacts, on savings, etc, etc.

I'm average, I imagine, I have a few people I could call if the shit really hit the fan, I have some meager savings, and I have a small amount of crap (enough to fit in one car load anyways..), and thats way more then these people have.. Beyond all that they have the stigma of being refugees, they are black, many have kids and may be single parents, etc, etc.

The effects stayed with me for a year, in the form of a young mother and her child that were displaced by the storm... and for a couple months, my wife and I would stay up with her when she cried about all the things her new family had lost.

But she picked up her life and went on to see what else might be out there.
Did she succeed? I imagine alot of these people have been trying for two years to do the same and have been unable to and are seeing sympathy and more importantly aid for their situation starting to dry up fast and still being no closer to rebuilding a life.

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