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Originally Posted by Malruhn View Post
Considering how average I am - and I really do SCREAM average-ness - I consider this to be part of it. .
And therein lies the difference. Malruhn, your privilege is so deepset, you can't see it to save your life. Nothing about the Katrina victims was average. Nothing. Therefore, you had a big ole head-start.

Originally Posted by Malruhn View Post
Where are all the people from Homestead, Florida that lost everything when Hurricane Andrew hit, screaming and crying about their losses?
Totally different situation, the logistics, the scale, the economy, the level of displacement and devistation, etc. And for you to compare the two is simply silly. And I say that as a child of the coast, raised on the coast till adulthood. I know hurricanes. There has never been one in the recent history of the states that came anywhere close to Katrina. Never.
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