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Thanks for asking, Christie. On my page 1 of the Katrina threads, there are 21 threads. I've posted on three of them.

That puts me at about 15%.

I make a great distinction between complaining (Mickey's ticket), and incessantly lamenting about a subject and never letting it go. I've been "karma-ized"... I've lost everything - twice. Life truly blew on a grand scale for about six months each time when I went to reach for my... crap, I don't have that any more...

And, of course, you all have heard me go on and on about it here, haven't you? I lost things that meant the world to me - that are irreplaceable - and I will never see them again. And, ya know what? After 28 years the first time and 24 years the second time, if I think about it, I can still feel the loss.

Considering how average I am - and I really do SCREAM average-ness - I consider this to be part of it. No, I'm not a person that just giggled away the loss, but I immediately set to making it right and rebuilding my life. The concept of "Oh, woe is me. Does everyone remember when I lost my favorite picture of my hero and I, Chuck Mangione, with him holding MY trumpet," just boggles my mind. Yeah, it suxxored to lose the pic, but DAMN, I was able to processs the fact that it was gone, and got on with my life! Nobody wants to hear it!!

Yes, I realize that there are mentally ill people out there. They need treatment. But I ask, how long do we wait? I don't recall a whole lot of people out there that were bitching about the 1906 San Diego earthquake while I was growing up. Where are all the people from Homestead, Florida that lost everything when Hurricane Andrew hit, screaming and crying about their losses?

There aren't any. They got smashed to the ground, picked up their bruised bodies and got on with their lives. It's time for New Orleans to do the same. I was there afterwards, I know that NO was destroyed. The effects stayed with me for a year, in the form of a young mother and her child that were displaced by the storm... and for a couple months, my wife and I would stay up with her when she cried about all the things her new family had lost.

But she picked up her life and went on to see what else might be out there. Why can't these people do the same? These people are as sickening as the "Al Bundy's" out there that can't seem to let go of that great game back in school... Yeah, it was momentus, now get on with your life. Nobody wants to listen to the story for the million and FIRST time... and I'm not too shy to tell them.
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