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You know what Malruhn? There are a lot of people abusing the system here. There have been for a long time.

There are a whole lot of others who aren't, but who still have to deal with blows to their finances from the storms, drastic changes in their environment, overburdened local services, inefficient and confusing government agencies, and feeling like their problems are being treated more like political footballs than anything to actually be cared about.

It's not so bad where I am, but it's definitely stressful because so many new people have moved from New Orleans out here and nobody is used to everything being so packed. Everyone is adjusting. Closer to New Orleans, it's downright depressing. Driving into the city there are still apartment complexes that look like the storm was yesterday rather than a couple of years ago. I hate getting anywhere near the Superdome or the convention center because I can't disassociate it from what I saw happen there.

Oh yeah, and hurricane season is approaching and all the weather forecasters can talk about is what storm is going to be "the next Katrina." That really helps things, especially when a lot of the levee problems that made Katrina such a disaster in New Orleans aren't fixed yet.

Maybe I should just go find one of those Red Cross debit cards and buy myself a big screen to make myself feel better and justify your complaining.
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