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Originally Posted by Malruhn View Post
Meanwhile, in other corners of the globe, residents and refugees that survive disasters that make this one seem like a stubbed toe by comparison, just continue on with their lives and get over it.

Only in America...
I must say I've never quite understood this logic.. Its sort of like the glurge we see time to time that comments on "You think you have it so bad, how bout this homeless guy with AIDS who lost his feet?" or some such thing.

Yes, there are people worse off, yes there are people way worse off, yes there are people who's situation makes the Katrina victims look like gods.. However that dosn't matter.

Really, with this attitude how can anybody but the very worst of the worst complain about anything?

Grandfather dying of cancer? Who cares, in country XYZ there are kids straving to death on the streets before they even get a chance to live.

Get raped? Hey who cares, in some areas women are raped on almost a daily basis, plus there are some places that have women (and men) as sex slaves, get over it.

9/11 was pretty small of a disaster compared to most disasters, and yet people are still bothered by it, only in America eh?

Murdered? Well hey there are people who were murdered earlier in their lives then you, at least you got a few more good years.

Poor? Hey at least your not homeless..

Homeless? Hey at least your not crazy..

Homeless and crazy? Well hey at least your not dead..

I could go on..

I mean really, we all pat each other on the back or lend an ear when people on this board have a problem.. But really every single problem on this board pales in comparison to some of the things people have to deal with daily..

For all but two people in the world there will always be somebody who has it better then you and somebody who has it worse, but just because you aren't at the top of the ladder dosn't mean you don't have it good, and just because you aren't at the bottom dosn't mean you don't have it bad..

Heck I was just on here complaining about a speeding ticket I got.. But hey I mean I could have crashed into somebody, or hit a person, or died in an accident, so why complain or seek help right?

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