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Originally Posted by fictionallie View Post
I've also heard them called Shopping Carts, although that would probably be for something that isn't grocery related, such as the carts you might find at wal*mart or other big-box stores. Then again, it's rare (that I've seen) that you would find a metal cart not belonging to a grocery store. All the other ones I've seen are plastic. So judging by that, I'd say you're right - this picture contains grocery carts.

I just call them carts. Maybe I'm an oddball.

Fictional "Always Gets The Cart With The Broken Wheel" Lie
Actually the ones in our WalMart would also be grocery carts, because ours is a supercenter, with groceries. But actually, unless I'm speaking with no context clues (ie, I'm not in a store, I haven't mentioned shopping or groceries, etc) and therefore think the listener might mistake my meaning to be, say, go-carts, or horse-carts, or whatever, I just say cart.
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