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A woman I'm working on a project for always writes ... between some of her words and sentences. It is really starting to annoy me because it feels like she is pausing whilst patting me on the head because I obviously can't read a whole sentence straight through. If I could dump the project I would. Grrr. Woman needs to learn email etiquette.
Her name isn't J. K. Rowling by any chance, is it?

Okay, first a preemptive self-troutting:

I do love the Harry Potter books, but I've been rereading Goblet of Fire, and the woman can add unnecessary ellipses like nobody's business. It got so bad during the first task that I was considering typing it it up and eliminating every ellipsis and quite a few of the dashes (replacing them with other punctuation as necessary), just to see if the passage would flow better. It felt to me like she was trailing off...all the time....
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