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"You would agree with me then all you had to do was clench your legs together and your pants would have been unable to move," said defence lawyer Krysia Przepiorka in her cross-examination of the young woman late Monday afternoon.
And why is there no outrage over the gender of the person making the statement? I can't believe I'm the first person to notice that a WOMAN is the source of this antiquated sexist drivel.

Now, I'm sure if a man had said something similar, there would be nothing but howls of outrage about the "Neanderthal" or "caveman" mentality coming from the guy; in fact, we've seen plenty of cases in the past couple of years where men (including judges) have made similarly stupid sexist comments and they've been raked over the proverbial coals (the judges routinely faced cries of "impeach the bastard") but a "mere" woman says something like this, and apparently it gets a pass.
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