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Experts were quick to point out that President Trump cannot actually create a space force. A new branch of the military can only be established by an act of Congress something that hasn't happened since the Air Force was split from the Army in 1947.

[ . . . ]

Harrison adds that a space force would not involve actual military personnel in space. The 1967 Outer Space Treaty states that no nation can claim territory in space, nixing the usual rationale for a troop presence. It also prevents the placement of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction in orbit.

"There's no space marines; there's no people flying around with jetpacks," Harrison says.

Rather, a space force would consolidate command of the military's existing satellite systems into a single command. Those include reconnaissance satellites, GPS, missile-warning systems and communications platforms.
So a) Trump may not be able to do anything of the sort and b) even if he can, it's not likely to involve any actual additional forces in space, just a rearrangement of organization on the ground.

Once he figures out the latter, he may get a lot less interested in the whole idea. Presuming, of course, that he doesn't decide he can abrogate treaties on his own.
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