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While I doubt Trump has thought this far ahead, a space force does not necessarily require humans in space. Both (more or less) static satellites and microgravity drones are easily doable with our current technology. Drones would be even easier to fly since the lag time for ground-satellite-air and air-satellite-ground would be ground-satellite and satellite-ground. Even if the satellite is on the other side of the planet, a satellite to satellite relay would be easier without atmospheric interference.

ETA: Resupply would be the biggest issue with space-based forces. While fuel supply would last much longer as fuel wouldn't be consumed simply to stay aloft, refueling wouldn't be as easy as simply landing. Mid-space refueling and rearming would be terribly susceptible to intercept. I would expect most space-based drones to use ion thrust and energy based weaponry as those would involve much less consumption of mass.
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