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Originally Posted by Graham2001 View Post
An update...

Originally Posted by Psihala View Post

(*"I don't have a car because I might lose control of it, so I use something else instead that has a mind of its own.")
My guess is that she thinks because the horse is sober, and has enough of a mind of its own to watch where it's going, that that makes it OK.

I think it amounts to endangering the horse as well as herself and other traffic; because while you can reasonably rely on most horses to find their way around a pasture without running into things, relying on a horse to deal with modern traffic on its own is a bit much.

I'm a bit thrown by this quote (in the cited article) from the police, however:

Acting Senior Sergeant Damien Honsig-Erlenburg said drink driving laws applied to a range of situations, including while riding animals.

If its got wheels and it can transport you then it can be deemed as a vehicle.
That would make sense if she'd been using a horse and buggy; but if she's riding the horse, how did wheels get involved?
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