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Originally Posted by Richard W View Post
I'm weirded out by drive-through anything. The usual takeaway places have drive-through branches here now too, and those are weird. It's nothing to do with assuming you're going to be eating or drinking while driving - surely most people using drive-through even to buy a burger will park so that they can eat it?
I don't think it's odd for people who are unused to drive-throughs to be weirded out by them. I've just heard lots of jokes and comments here in the US along the lines of it being really stupid, or irresponsible, to have a drive-through at a liquor store. The text or subtext is always that it encourages or enables drinking and driving. But they aren't handing out beer in cups with lids and straws. There is no reason to think people will be using it in the car, or driving after they have had something to drink. Where I grew up, people don't really walk anywhere, so drive through or no, they'd still be driving to the liquor store and driving away.

I suppose not allowing it would require that a person be able to walk into the store, but not all people who benefit from not having to do that are hampered by being drunk. And if they are so drunk that they wouldn't be able to walk, the liquor store ought to be able to detect that at the drive-up window as well.
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