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Originally Posted by Richard W View Post
surely most people using drive-through even to buy a burger will park so that they can eat it?
Mostly they take it home.

When I was growing up the drive through was were my parents mostly got their alcohol. The local football (rugby league) club has a drive through I believe (it also has a bottle shop, restaurant etc.). I don't drink a lot of alcohol so don't know if the drive through is as popular as it was in the 70's when my parents used it. Oh and also I don't drive. But I do believe there was (that is there was) also a drive through bakery in my home town. I don't believe the drive through takeaway (takeout) was popular then.

Drive throughs, of any type, are used by people mostly on their way home from work when they don't want to get out of the car but use what every they want when they get home. Tired after a hard days work I guess.

It wasn't me, by the way that was arrested. I haven't lived in Logan for 20 years and haven't ridden a horse in over 30.
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