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Although strongly supporting well-funded public schools doesn't have to be incompatible with sending your own kids elsewhere. I, personally, support well-funded and effective public schools despite the fact that I have no kids and never wanted or intended to have kids, because I think we will all (including myself) be better off in a society with a well-educated populace. I support finding some way to turn around the skyrocketing costs of college educations, too, even though I am unlikely to ever go back myself, and even if it takes up a slice of my tax money; same reason.

To me, this is just obvious; though I suppose I too draw the line somewhere. While I think we should increase the aid we give to foreign nations, if there was a proposal to do so at a great expense to our own national standard of living, I might well balk.

Still, I would like to believe there are enough people, even among the wealthiest, who can say, "Hey, living in a country surrounded by people who have to continually struggle to provide themselves with the basic necessities, even apart from any altruism, isn't really in my best interest." Isaac Asimov once wrote in a letter to a friend (quoting approximately from memory), "Uncle Sam takes forty percent of my income, but I don't mind; he gives me a nice country in exchange."

Besides, as the article notes, drastic inequality tends to come to an abrupt end in some very unpleasant ways.
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