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Originally Posted by E. Q. Taft View Post
...However, if I had kids and I had the opportunity and means to send them to excellent private schools that would give them a leg up, would I? Probably...
This is so at the core of much of the problem. This kind of mentality leads to a two-tiered education system. Once people start putting their resources to giving their kids more than 'average', they suck resources out of true public education. It gets worse, because in my experience many parents get-off from how much better their kids' educations are compared to public. Why fully fund public education when your kids have all they need? I mean if we give those 'ghetto'* kids books and comfortable classrooms how can we brag about our schools.

*I've heard the public schools and the students in them called 'ghetto' so many times, always by affluent white people, that I lost count a long time ago.
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