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Almost everyone tries to make reasonable choices for themselves and their families under the current rules of the society in which we live.

The key difference between liberals and conservatives isn't self-interest. It's that one side wants to change the rules of that society to ensure that the people who are already doing well do even better and the people who are already doing poorly do even worse. Some would prefer to to live in a fairer, more equitable society, even if it would mean they have a little less. Establishing what the rules should be as a society is very different from how you as an individual live with established rules. The rules are something that have to be decided at a group level. If it's just a small minority of individual altruists giving up their personal advantages, the system will gladly chew them up and spit them out without any lasting impact.

The weird thing about where we are right now is that so many people are delusional about where their self-interest is and will support policies that actively harm themselves, people like them, and people who are struggling even more than them, and will only benefit a tiny sliver of people who are already doing fine and will continue to do fine regardless of any of the policy options.

The 9% are people who are mostly not going to feel a lot of difference one way or the other. They aren't the ones who will be left behind by conservatives growing inequality, nor the ones who will benefit from their profiteering. They're personally OK either way. The choice they have to make is whether they want to live in a society that is fairer and better for the other 90%, or a society that is less fair and even better for the 1%. 90 people are more important than 1 person, particularly when you're talking about things like life saving medicine or food or shelter for some of the 90, while on the other hand you're talking about bigger boats and fourth homes for the 1.

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