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I guess I didn't see the article as so much "blaming" or attacking the named 9.9%. It notes, for example, that they tend to include the most educated, who voted for Clinton by a significant margin. I looked at it partly as an exploration of the sometimes-conflict between self-interest and the national interest. As an example, I think the country as a whole would be better off if just about all kids went to public schools, and if there was no disparity in the quality of such schools from neighborhood to neighborhood, district to district, state to state. However, if I had kids and I had the opportunity and means to send them to excellent private schools that would give them a leg up, would I? Probably.

My own feeling was that the writer was trying to raise the consciousness of the very 9.9% he's describing, in how their choices help to keep others down without it being a deliberate policy. (As opposed to those who want to be more privileged than others, who like having an underclass they can rule and exploit.)

But, perhaps my take is incorrect. I did feel there wasn't enough time spent suggesting specific actions and policies that might help reverse the situation, though he did make noises about how the 9.9% should make more efforts to be part of the solution.
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