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Originally Posted by GenYus234 View Post
* As seen by an outside observer.
** Not sure if you consider stability part of aerodynamics.
Basically yes, the nose up attitude has a huge contribution to lift, perhaps more so than the different upper and lower cord of the wing. A basic wing works OK upside down and some aircraft have wings with equal upper and lower cord so the typical wing cross section shape is not a requirement for lift.

Stable and unstable flight are of course both parts of "aerodynamics". There are a few planes that are unstable but still perfectly flyable (e.g., any plane with a flat wing structure, particularly if the wing is below the center of mass).

Flying upside down does of course have other issues, as others have pointed out, such as if the basic structure can take the inverted load, if the hydraulic system can operate upside down (many can't), if the fuel system can operate upside (many can't) etc.
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