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Originally Posted by Richard W View Post
Not just websites - my copy of Les Miserables itself (Penguin Classics edition) actually moves two whole sections of the book into appendices at the back so that you can easily skip them! (Part 2 Book 7 about convents and monasteries, and Part 4 Book 7 about slang or argot).

It kind of annoyed me, and so when I got to those parts I skipped to the back and read them in the order that Hugo had written them (and found them interesting), but if the actual publishers consider parts of the book to be "filler" then perhaps there's a case to be made...!
Originally Posted by erwins View Post
I think it's fine if people want to read an abridged version of something so they can get the gist of it. But it will be an abridged version, and not somehow a better version of itself.
I understand both of your views. In all likelihood, if I really liked the book, I would probably be more open to reading the extra stuff.

Have to admit that when I first took on Lord of the Rings, I skimmed most of the poetry because I was like, “They’re on the run from a dark lord, yet they have time to have all these song numbers?!” After reading the series and gaining more of an overview as to what Tolkien was trying to do, I started reading some of the parts I used to skip and looking at them in a new light.

Again a story’s easier to understand once you have a better sense of the playing field. Though no matter how many times I’ve reread Lord of the Rings, Tom Bombadill still seems like a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment. Sorry, Tolkien fanatics, but I think the adaptations are being smart when they cut Tom out and get the hobbits to The Prancing Pony.
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