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Originally Posted by Dasla View Post
When I was a lab assistant at a high school, as an end of year project we would buy rocket kits for the students. The girls had to shape the nose cone and then construct the rocket. We would then fire the rockets off in the front oval. Many of the girls were more concerned with painting (and decorating) then with contrasting the rocket. So I can understand.
Off-topic yarn:

At my previous job, the company sponsored a "rocket day." The various project teams made rockets from kits (good old Estes Alphas), and on that day we launched them. And got snacks and T-shirts.

However, there was no technical inspection, and there was no requirement that the kits be built to spec. So some teams got fancy and put extra forward fins and even little wings on them--making them unstable.

When I saw this, I tried to get the organizers to launch only rockets that were nominally compliant with the Alpha plans. But the event itself was so disorganized they couldn't get any kind of consensus among the staff, and all I got was a shrug and wet-blanket scowl.

Of course, when they launched one of the winged Alphas it immediately started into a decreasing-radius loop just above head height. After about a second it shed its wings, dropped into the crowd, and then popped its parachute, fortunately without hitting anyone. There was a silence, some nervous laughter, and the event went on, fortunately with no other serious issues.
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